January 24, 2011

The Dorm Room Pizza Challenge

What could be more ubiquitous than pizza in a dorm room? We've all seen them, sitting half-eaten and cold in a box on the floor. Maybe there's a side of CinnaStix as well. They're not always the prettiest sight.

I realize that this dorm-room relic is never going away. And that's OK. What my challenge is to you is to elevate the "dorm room pizza." How can you improve on the original? How can we take the most common of dorm room meals and make it something new and exciting. I've purposefully designed this food because anyone can try this, whether you have a kitchen or you live in a little dorm room with no means of cooking. Maybe you order a pizza and make it your own by adding some interesting toppings, or you bake a pita-pizza in your toaster oven, or maybe you really make a pizza from scratch. Whatever you do, make them fresh, wholesome and delicious.

Post your creations (or ideas) in a comment below, and I'll try to feature as many of them as I can. Recipes or descriptions always appreciated. Or even better, email me with a picture and I'll put it up.

P.S. Above, my contribution: a classic margarita pizza made with sourdough dough using the stater from the previous post, simple tomato sauce and fresh mozzarella.