December 14, 2012

New Articles for The Brooklyn Paper

It has been a little quiet around here, but fear not! I've been busy scribbling in my reporter's notebook all over Brooklyn for some new material. 

Here are 3 recent article I wrote for The Brooklyn Paper. Read 'em up! 

When life gives you Ethiopian lemons, make lemonade! Sam Saverance moved to Africa with a background in design and development, and hoped to start a business incubator there — but failing that, he started an Ethiopian food pop-up in Brooklyn [read more...]

With a blood-orange facade and Edison-style bulbs hanging inside rusted industrial whisks in the tall and welcoming front windows, the decor of the new Neapolitan pizzeria Krescendo in Boerum Hill is much like the joint venture that brought it to life — a combination of old school Brooklyn and authentic Italian passion [read more...]

You know you prefer a Pinot Grigio to a Chardonnay, but do you know your favorite varietal of olive oil? A new olive oil shop O Live Brooklyn has bottles lining its shelves and sitting in crates like a liquor store, and the owner hopes enthusiasts will be talking about extra virgins like they would a single malt or an old Bordeaux [read more...]

Top two photos by Stefano Giovannini, bottom photo by Elizabeth Graham, for The Brooklyn Paper