April 6, 2012

Interfaith Matzo-Bread Houses for East-over

Dazed and confused about how to reconcile your wish to recognize both Passover and Easter this weekend? I was too. It's hard enough when Easter and Passover are in the same month, mind the same weekend! (Then again, JC's last supper was a Passover seder #ThankYouReligion391*).

That is until I became an "edible architect" and designed, along with my housemate Meggie, one of these "Interfaith Matzo-Bread Houses for East-over." They take all the best aspects of both Passover and Easter* - matzo and candy - and combine them into one colorful, cozy bungalow. I think they'd make a perfect center piece for a Passover seder or an Easter dinner. And they'll work great as dessert for either one: Kosher for Passover and pastel-colored enough for any Easter celebration!

Build up, eat up, and happy holidays everyone!

*First time a #hashtag was used on Dorm Room Dinner. Very exciting. 
**I come from a Jewish family that ate bagels for breakfast on Passover because "at least they're Jewish," and I've never celebrated Easter beyond hunting for eggs. Needless to say, I'm hardly an expert on either holiday.

Check out the rest of the photos below!

We start off, like all great buildings, with a tissue box.

Reinforced matzo siding. Reinforced with CREAM CHEESE ICING! Bam. 

 Gummy worms climb there way up. Oh, and did I mention uber-fabulous rainbow foundation?

Meggie, my architect-in-crime. 

Cobblestone matzo walkway and a sturdy pretzel front door. Gotta love the jelly-bean door handle, right?

The completed house. And look, the bunny peeps arrived just in time. I hope they don't eat the kosher-for-Passover bitter herbs on the side of the house.  

Yep, it's a mixed-faith bunny house. Part Jewish...

...part Christian. 

Meggie's house is right next door! Gotta love the patterned roof and peep eating parsley on top!