February 28, 2012

Fireside Sandwich Chats: Turkey and Cheese

We're back with the second installment of Fireside Sandwich Chats! It's where we discuss, (re)make, and eat... SANDWICHES! By a fireplace. With a bow tie.

This week we reinvent the turkey and cheese sandwich with something a little weird, a little wacky, and ultimately more than a little tasty (which is to say: very tasty): a roasted turkey and blue cheese sandwich with strawberry preserves. Also, if you're interested in seeing me fail at tying bow tie, this is your chance.

Thanks for watching and tune in next time, y'all!

Recipe below.

Roast Turkey Sandwich with Blue Cheese and Strawberry Preserves

Makes 1 sandwich

Blue cheese goes surprisingly well with roasted turkey. If the strawberry preserves sound a little too out of the ordinary for you, try replacing them with cranberry relish or caramelized onions.

2 slices sandwich bread, such as sourdough
1 1/2 tablespoons strawberry preserves
3-4 slices roast turkey
1 tablespoon crumbled blue cheese

1. Preheat the broiler of your oven on high.

2. Place one slice of bread on a work surface. Spread on the preserves and top with the turkey. Top with an even layer of the blue cheese and place, open faced, on a baking sheet.

3. Place under the broiler 4-6 minutes until the cheese is bubbling. In the meantime, toast the other slice of bread in the toaster. Remove the sandwich from the broiler, top with the toasted slice of bread, and serve at once!