March 19, 2011

Tonight's DRD: Dumplings

You may be familiar with the dumpling craving. It comes on slowly, dreaming of those delicious little morsels of flavor-packed goodness. Then it comes on strong, and the next thing you know you're rolling out dumpling dough on your counter and spending the rest of your night stuffing these little packages into perfect bite-sized dumplings. The ones I made use a simple dough (flour and water), though you could easily substitute pre-made wonton wrappers which work well, and a filling of cabbage, onion, carrot, zucchini, spices, and more. They were served with a spicy sesame dipping sauce.

A great blog about dumplings is Asian Dumpling Tips, and I would highly recommend it. There's lots of recipes, instructional videos, mouthwatering photos, and more.