January 24, 2013


Everything moves on, everything ends, everything commences again.

Fine -- I'll try not to get all teary-eyed and emotional as I write this, I'll try not to sound like a graduation speaker, but it's not easy. Dorm Room Dinner has been at the center of my life for nearly three years now.

And now it's time to graduate.

Take it as a good thing -- it's just time to move on. We can't all bundle up in our dorm rooms forever, drinking beer and writing about mayonnaise and smashing cupcakes with hammers. Everyone goes off into the real world at some point. A blog is no exception. And this is an exciting time, a new beginning, a fresh start, a new loaf in the oven, this is going to be as fresh as baby greens, tender as spring lamb! This is exciting!

As many of you know, I've been working at CookNScribble producing the LongHouse Food Revivals, a series of gatherings of food thought leaders across the US. I now live in Brooklyn, write restaurant reviews for the Brooklyn paper, and cook in my walk-up apartment. A new city and a new life deserve a new blog.

And so I'll now be writing at my new blog, Under the Egg. It's based on my life post-graduation from college, and I'm very excited about it. I hope you all will join me there.

And thank you all so, so much for joining me at Dorm Room Dinner. It's all you, my readers, that keeps the wheels turning on this, that make this so fun and engaging and exciting.

Hope to see you next door at Under the Egg

Let's keep cooking, keep writing, keep talking.



  1. Congratulations, Will and good luck in all your new endeavors. (And also, see you in a week :)

  2. I'm really upset about this. Obviously I'm in love with the new title, but this is going to take some getting used to.

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