August 3, 2011

Dorm Room Breakfast: My Morning Routine

I have a pretty routine breakfast, and I've been eating it since I was in preschool. It consists of Cheerios and Grape Nuts.

When I was little and at it along with my mom, I would wait until the milk made the Grape Nuts soggy until I ate it (sensitive teeth, I guess?). Now I love the crunch. But that's about all that has changed. Sure, I went through a Cinnamon Toast Crunch phase, and yeah, at one point I had a short stint with Honey Nut Cheerios. Sometimes when I have fresh fruit I'll add it on top. Peaches are the perfect addition in summer. But for the most part I've eaten this same breakfast most weekdays for the past couple of decades, and I've never gotten sick of it. Its the comforting, satisfying and delicious meal I come back to again and again. Sometimes it even serves as a late-night snack. Lunch and dinner I need to mix-up every day, but breakfast remains the same, and that keeps me happy. And it makes early mornings a breeze.

Do you have a morning breakfast routine?