December 19, 2011

Bites Around the City

I was in New York City recently where I enjoyed more than one delicious bite around the city. Here's a little round up of what I found...

What are your favorites bites in NYC?

Rice Krispy Treat from the Treat Truck

Ever tried a food that you loved when you were in 4th Grade but now think is kinda gross (like my obsession with Subway turkey subs in elementary school)?

Well, I'm glad to report that over a decade after graduating from elementary school, I still love Rice Krispy Treats. And the Treats Truck makes them just like you remember them.

Homemade Greek Salad

It was one of those lunches where I just threw together what was in the fridge, and it turned out to be a perfect summer salad. Greens, red onion, fresh tomato, crispy cucumber,  and feta with lemon and olive oil.
Margherita Pizza at Grimaldi's

There are few places that can truthfully claim to be a classic New York City pizzeria. Grimaldi's is one of them, and they're serving up some truly delicious wood-fired pizza. And it's all tucked away right under the Brooklyn Bridge. How cute is that? 

Disclaimer: I went in to Grimadi's thinking I could order a slice (amateur mistake). Decided since I was there I would just order a whole pie and take the extra home. I ate the entire thing.

Pofferjes at the Fulton Street Market

These incredibly light and puffy Dutch-style pancakes are my new favorite thing at the Fulton Street Market (this summer work at the market on Sundays with Grandaisy Bakery). The Australian couple that cooks them up them in front of you gives them a slathering of butter and a good dousing of powdered sugar. Yeah, they're good. Real good.