March 31, 2011

The Dorm Room Lunch: BBQ Sandwich

Left: The BBQ Pork Sandwich at Lexington #1 BBQ with hushpuppies on the side. Right: The BBQ Pork Sandwich at Country BBQ. 

I thought I'd update you with a little more from my adventures in the south a few weeks ago. I want to talk about BBQ sandwiches. There's a certain combination of BBQ sandwich that I found worked best, which is BBQ pork, coleslaw and BBQ sauce on a bun. You have that super-savory, smoky pork, the fresh, crunchy coleslaw (with mayonnaise dressing, of course) and then a nice slathering of vinegar-kicked sauce. You really can't get a better food threesome than that.

The two places we went for BBQ were:
Lexington BBQ #1 in Lexington, NC
Country BBQ in Columbus, GA
Fried pickles at Country BBQ

You also can't have some of this BBQ without some of their great sides. The two most memorable were the hushpuppies (fried cornmeal batter) in Lexington and the fried pickles (thinly sliced) in Columbus. There's never any harm in a little fried on the side.

Sitting down to a lunch of BBQ is a must-do in the south, and each place really has its own character. In Lexington you can really tell not much has changed in the past 50 years. Order yourself a big glass of sweet tea (we're talking big, and we're talking sweet), order up a nice BBQ sandwich, and you have yourself one of the most delicious meals the south - or anywhere for that matter - has to offer.


  1. Hey Will,
    Luke sent me your link. So glad you're still at it. Everything looks amazing

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