October 5, 2010

Jamie Oliver and the Food Revolution

If you do one thing today, watch this. I'm serious. Just do it.

Jamie has a really unique view on this issue. He is not a doctor, a crunchy granola hippie, or a politician. He is a chef and a father who understands the profound importance of food in our lives, not just that we all deserve to eat well, but that eating well is intrinsically connected with living well. We are killing ourselves with our eating habits. The way we eat needs to change and I think what Jamie says so well is that we can change it. Its not that hard. It's about giving people the resources they need to eat and live well. Teach someone how to cook. Introduce kids to fresh food.

Jamie calls it "tangible change." Nothing is more tangible to me than sitting down to a beautiful, freshly made, healthy meal. Get involved in making that change a reality for yourself and for people around you.

What else can we do to help this movement? It's worth checking out this site for new ideas about this movement (and you can vote for you favorite).  And watch Jamie's fantastic series on ABC from earlier this year Food Revolution!