September 30, 2010


Hi Everyone,

If you followed me on MangiaQuestoBologna, well, I'm back. This time I'm doing things a little different, though. I got tired of snapping a shot of every last bite I took. While I hope to post some scrumptious food shots, this blog wont be so dedicated to what I eat or to my food world specifically, but to the food world around us - out there (where?). How do college students (or anyone, for that matter) cook with what they've got and still eat well? How can we improve the quality of food both for ourselves and those around us?

Eating has a lot more to do with what we're making for dinner. It has to do with making healthy, delicious food accesible to everyone. To making sure people know how to cook for themselves. To making sure people have as much as an opportunity to pick up some fresh vegetables as they do to pull up to a McDonald's drive-through window.

So this blog is more about our food world than my food world. I'll be sure to update you with what I ate last night from time to time, with a recipe here and there, my thoughts on the latest and greatest in area restaurants, random musings, and so on. But I also want to try and bring together some of what's going on in the ever-changing food world in the world around us, in Middletown, Connecticut and way, way beyond. So this is for anyone who thinks we all deserve to eat well.

And why the name?  I don't actually live in a dorm (I have a little kitchen to cook in). But it sounds like a good name to me, and is appropriate enough for my circumstance (I guess).

Finally, I leave you with this: Anyone know where I can get a good tomato around here?

Happy eating and reading everyone!